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Our Identity

Our mission is to solve complex problems with modern technology. One of our key components in achieving the mission is to assemble the brightest mind, with passion & proficiency in problem-solving, technology, and strategy development.

This common mission as well as shared core values united all of us across teams & roles, as we work with our partners in every step of the process to help identify and solve problems.

If this is you, join us!

# Problem Solver

There arenโ€™t many that like problems, but we actually do. In fact, it is where we shine the most. The old saying goes, every crisis lays opportunity, and to us, every problem lies a solution that we are seeking after.

# Passion to Success

Like any vehicle, a human being needs fuel to keep moving. We are fueled by the infinite energy source, known as passion. Both the passion in what we do and the passion to be successful.

# Ever Growing

The moment you stop growing is the moment you start losing. Growing is so important to us we even organize TeddyTalk to cultivate the culture of exploration and sharing ideas.

# Work-life Harmony

Work doesn't have to take over your life. Even better, you don't have to chase after some false constant balance of the two. In Astralab, the flexibility to achieving the perfect harmony of your work and life is always in your hand.

Meet our team.
Project Director

Vin Lim

Software Engineer

Jun Teoh

Experience Designer

Geraldine Tan

Project Manager

Damian Lim